Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weapon for Creating Peace

I wanted to explore creating something beautiful from images that were taken during the time of war. I chose a famous image taken by photojournalist Eddie Adams on 1968. Here is a quick background.

February 1, 1968. Another day in a brutal and historic year. On a Saigon street, General Nguyen Ngoc Loan points a gun at a handcuffed Vietcong prisoner. Photojournalist Eddie Adams is there, camera in hand. The general, shirtsleeves rolled up comfortably, fires the gun. As the bullet penetrates the prisoner's skull, Eddie clicks the shutter. Soon, a momentary event becomes the photograph seen 'round the world. For Adams, for the general, for our perception of the Vietnam War, nothing was ever the same.

Our opinions might differ when it comes to war but at the end of the day, peace outweighs everything. This is the message that i was trying to portray with this new piece. 

Original Image by Eddie Adams

Stencil work

Weapon for Creating Peace - Airbrush Paint on a 22X30 Heavy Stock Paper with Deckled Edges

Weapon for Creating Peace - Airbrush Paint on Plywood